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federal election betting australia

A Resolve poll showing Scott Morrison has become more popular than Anthony Albanese put Labor and the Coalition at odds of winning at $ View the latest odds, live markets and bet online on Australian Federal Politics. Get access to a wide range of markets and enjoy online sports betting on. View the latest odds and results on all political events. Start betting with Unibet on local and international politics. Register today and start only. BUY BTC E CODE WITH CREDIT CARD

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New federal election poll SLAMMED as 'garbage' - 7NEWS


Another lesson? After a chaotic, nine-year reign atop Australian politics, the Coalition has no shortage of flaws it can be attacked for publically. Well, not exactly. If the Coalition wants to extend its federal election winning streak to four terms, then it would be smart to shift the political conversation to money and the economy at large. But back to the subject of the economy, which is usually top of mind for voters — no matter what the country. The economy is down. The forced lockdowns have alienated large swaths of the population.

And more than anything else, the lives of many Australians is drastically different today than it was in pre-pandemic. This has to be considered when making a election betting pick. However, the Labor party can surely clamor for change and have voters eating from the palm of their hands.

Here are our top strategies that can be used when betting on elections. Through the use of opinion polls, exit polls and a balanced diet of political news, you should be able to have a fair idea of which candidate or party is most likely to be the victor. Sometimes, as happened in when The Coalition won against all odds, the election can spring a shock, while other times we can see a landslide win coming a mile off.

Often this can lead to lower odds on the favourite in political betting, certainly in comparison to sports betting, but that is the nature of the game. Elections are essentially a popularity contest. This means that candidates need to, but very often fail to, lead squeaky clean lives.

Also, in relation to betting on sport, election betting is comparatively small which can lead to less markets to bet on. Our Top Political Betting Tips So we have learnt what political betting is, how it works and what markets there are, now we need to learn how to make a success of it. These five election betting tips should help you with that. Read And Watch The Latest News — Keep yourself informed with all of the latest developments by paying attention to breaking news.

Beware of untrustworthy sources and misinformation when betting on election outcomes and remember that many official publications come with a political bent baked right in to them and so have a motive when composing their articles. However, a broad spectrum of political news is recommended. Think Tanks And Polls — Political think tanks and opinion polls are a great source of information and data for telling us how an election campaign is likely to pan out.

Use it. They can tell you how the nation is thinking and feeling and even intending to vote which is as good an indicator as you can get. Keep Your Political Bias Out Of It — Whichever way you lean politically, keep it out of any election wagers you are planning on making. Put all of your personal beliefs to one side and focus instead on the real news and data outlined in the points above. These are far more likely to deliver returns than bets based personal feelings ever will.

In short, bet on what you know. Trends And Cycles — Despite the obvious differences, politics and sport are well known to operate in cycles.

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Election expert predicts who will win control of Congress

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