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Continuation Betting, commonly referred to as C-Bet or C-Betting, is when a player shows aggression pre-flop with a raise and then continues with this. 5 Spots to Range C-Bet in Single Raised Pots · Spot #1 – Dry King-High Boards In Position · Spot #2 – Double Broadway Boards Out Of Position from. What is C-Betting? (And Why You Should Do It) First of all, let's define what a continuation bet (C-bet) actually is: an opening bet on the flop after having. IS CRYPTOCURRENCY ADVERTISING BANNED ON THE BING SEARCH ENGINE REDDIT

Paired boards can often be c-bet for a small size The solver will almost always advocate for a small bet-size and very often. The Big Blind will often have a high proportion of very strong hands, but they will also have a huge percentage of hands that would have to fold to a big c-bet. When we bet small the Big Blind has to call more often, and very often these hands are not that strong.

There's a bonus 6th tip hidden in the video on which paired boards we should look to check more 4. Low boards often have a big c-bet or check strategy Both low connected and low unconnected boards have a big c-bet or check strategy. Think about how these boards connect with the BB's range. They will often have a lot of made hands plus a higher proportion of very strong hands like 2 pair, sets and straights. When we have too many hands that can't comfortably c-bet and call a check-raise, we have to c-bet a more polarised range and start checking back some hands.

C-bet the best boards for your range often Look out for the boards that are the best for your range and bet them very frequently. These boards include 2 Broadway, ABB, ABx since we have a higher proportion of the very strong hands like sets, two pair and straights. Gareth James is the head coach and founder of MTT Poker School and the lead instructor for MTT Game Changer, an interactive group coaching program and course aimed at part-time poker players looking to compete with the pros.

For more information, click here. But even if we hold top pair on a wet board, a c-bet charges our opponent to draw. With bluff c-bets, can we get a fold? In general, with a bluff c-bet, we are trying to get a fold on the flop, and so we have to base that decision on the likelihood of our opponent folding to our c-bet, given their range and tendencies. Do we have backdoor draws? Jones suggests keeping an eagle eye out for backdoor straight and flush draws, as they can be the equity you need to c-bet and continue to barrel if necessary.

Is the flop one of our three streets of value? Again, check our other resources for a more in-depth explanation, but always be planning the hand down to showdown before deciding whether to c-bet for value. Is there a c-bet fold or call frequency we can exploit in our opponent?

Versus a complete maniac, you might be c-betting very little because your opponent will do the betting for you. Always look for imbalances in player tendencies to base your own c-betting frequency on. Conclusion We have only scratched the c-betting surface and highly recommend that you watch the entire C-Betting video by signing up for PRO membership.

Alternatively the c-betting resources in our CORE program might better fit your current needs. C-bet sizing in particular is a nuance that requires more study to master. Sizing your c-bet the same in every situation is a whole big leak unto itself, so we encourage you to do your research on sizing. We hope that if you came into this article c-betting most dry flops automatically, you now see the faults in this approach.

Yes, the games are undoubtedly getting harder as most players are now aware of balanced c-bet strategies.

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Summary A good C-bet strategy is really predicated for a heads-up confrontation.

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C-betting In his video, C-betting is quick to point out that you can turn this myth on its head and observe some players floating way too many dry flops because they assume their opponents are going to c-bet too often. If the bet is too low, it invites opponents to call because they have c-betting pot odds if they are on a draw or if they have a half decent hand. If an Ace comes down on the flop, your continuation bet is representing that you have an Ace in your hand. Again, this is where you want to be wary of check-raises. Passive players those whose primary move is a check-call are generally not going to fold. You can group c-betting into sub-categories There are 1, strategically different flops.
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C-betting Avoid making continuation bets against calling stations. Straight draws, such as 87 or J7, are the obviously good candidates to bluff with on this board. In his video, Jones is quick to point out that you can turn this myth on its head and observe some players floating way too many dry flops because they assume their opponents are going to c-bet too c-betting. At the lowest levels you will find that opponents c-betting more willing to call bets with any sort of hand. In pre-Black Friday games both live and online, many c-betting could be easily exploited because they were playing fairly fit-or-fold on the flop, and cold-calling pre-flop with too wide a range. Knowing when to c-bet and when to check instead is a much harder skill to learn, and involves an understanding of your own hand, how it connects with the flop and what your opponent is likely to be holding.
Btc import own private key Learn more about The Poker Lab training course by clicking here or below. Continuation bet sizing. Note that if your C- bet is called, it may be wise to slow down on the turn. C-betting 1: Strong c-betting QT or better These are strong hands that can comfortably bet the flop, turn and river for value on most run outs. Are they a tricky c-betting player that likes to play back at people? What is a https://maks.opzet.xyz/modern-comic-book-investing/6845-how-to-convert-ethereum-to-usd-on-coinbase.php bet? When you enter a pot as the raiser, should you always c bet?

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C-betting for value with a strong hand C-betting for value is clearly more logical than bluffing. In general, when you make a good hand — for example, top pair or better — you should go ahead and continue betting. There is an argument for checking instead, and allowing your opponent to bluff, but the dangers of your opponent checking behind means it is rarely going to be the best option unless there are exceptional circumstances — such as your opponent being a complete maniac!

C-betting for value with a medium-strength hand Knowing when to c-bet with a medium strength hand is more complicated. If you raise preflop with T-8, one player calls on the button and the flop is Q — you have middle pair with a weak kicker and a decision to make.

When you bet in this spot, you are probably only being called by better hands. Unless your opponent is very optimistic, they will probably fold hands like Ace-high, a weak draw, a worse Eight or small pocket pairs to a bet — meaning that when you get action you will probably be up against a hand that beats you. In this case, c-betting will usually be a mistake. Instead, you should check your mid-strength hand and hope that it either gets checked behind in this case you are probably ahead or induces a bluff from your opponent.

C-betting as a bluff When you miss the flop completely, you should look to continuation bet regardless most of the time. If you can effectively follow these steps, your c-bets will find success, your win-rate will increase, and you will have more post-flop confidence.

What is a C-Bet? A continuation bet is a leading bet made on the flop by the preflop aggressor. For example, if two players in late position called a player's raise in early position, then the preflop raiser lead out with a bet on the flop, that would be a "c-bet" because the preflop aggressor is "continuing" his betting.

C-bets can also come from middle or late position. For example, consider if a player in late position made a raise and only the big blind called the raise. On the flop, the big blind could check, then the preflop raiser would have an opportunity to c-bet into a fresh pot. Why C-Bet? C-bets will allow you to both win pots where you have nothing, and also build pots where you stand to win a lot.

By mixing up c-bets in pots where you do and do not have legitimate hands, you become much more difficult to read. There is no shortage of players who c-bet without any clue what they are doing. When to C-Bet The biggest roadblock for many poker players is determining exactly when they should be making a c-bet. Sometimes c-bets do absolutely no good when trying to push someone off a hand. Likewise, a c-bet for value will occasionally force out players through whom you should have been getting value.

The obstacle in all of this is figuring out which spots are which. As is the case with most things in poker, this is all much easier said than done. Never try to bet out the hands that you have beat, especially when you probably only have them beat by a tiny bit. This might not make any sense at the surface, so it needs to be explained a bit more in depth. When you open pre flop with a hand like AJ, get a call, and see a flop of T, a player checking to you will often times also have missed.

This means that your potential c-bet will only fold out hands like KQ, A9, or KJ that you already are ahead of. Now, if you feel that you can comfortably force a fold from a small pocket pair, that is totally different.

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Key Concepts in PLO - Ep 4: C-bets

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