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crypto as store of value

Citing bitcoin's $ billion market capitalization, compared to the around $ trillion worth of gold owned as an investment, Goldman Sachs. A store of value can be any asset or commodity that does not depreciate over time. This item should be worth the same or more. Cuban agrees bitcoin is like gold in that it is a store of value, but because by its code the supply of bitcoin is limited, as demand fluctuates. HOW DO I INVEST IN CRYPTOCURRENCY IN INDIA

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In other words, the asset can be stored, retrieved, and exchanged at a later date. Precious metals gold, silver, etc. On the other hand, perishable items like milk and other foodstuffs are poor stores of value since they can decay over time. Explanation: To be considered a store of value, the asset must be able to be sold or exchanged at a later date for a similar or higher price than it was initially bought.

To put it another way, the item must retain its purchasing power, and it must also have liquidity. Fiat currency is a primary example of a store of value. Latin America is the ideal region for Bitcoin adoption for a multitude of reasons, many of which revolve around increasing financial inclusion for citizens and promoting financial stability. For example, remittances are very common in Latin American countries, and they provide a perfect use case for cryptocurrency. Individuals who have left their home countries with the goal of sending money to their families back home are forced to pay debilitatingly high transfer fees only to have their families wait days or weeks to receive the funds.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer the ideal solution: Individuals can send money back to their families much more quickly and with minimal transaction fees. Likewise, many Latin American countries also have volatile currencies, due to high inflation rates and political factors. Even though cryptocurrencies are considered volatile, they remain more stable alternatives to some Latin American currencies. Indeed, while the latter have experienced hyperinflation, Bitcoin and Ether have dramatically increased in value despite their volatility.

This appreciation adds to the case for implementing these currencies in countries experiencing inflation with regard to their own native currency. Another reason Latin Americans feel crypto is safer than their fiat currencies is that it is decentralized and does not depend upon government-controlled institutions, banks or other third parties.

With cryptocurrencies, Latin American citizens do not need to place trust in their governments , in which they often place very little trust, or third-party entities that may act in their own self interest. Instead, they can take advantage of the trustless nature of the blockchain.

Finally, possibly the most common argument for Latin American countries to adopt cryptocurrencies as legal tender is based on the number of Latin American unbanked citizens. In Brazil alone in May , there were over Because so many Latin American citizens find themselves without bank accounts, they lack access to important financial services, such as the ability to take out loans, build wealth, earn interest and save money securely.

The new emphasis on e-payments pushed many unbanked citizens to open accounts at banks or on fintech platforms. While these impressive figures indicate that Latin American countries are moving towards increased financial inclusion for their citizens, crypto has the potential to close the gap that still remains. Why Bitcoin in Latin America when there are alternative cryptocurrencies? Bitcoin in particular is very attractive to Latin American countries because it is the oldest cryptocurrency and the most widely adopted as a store of value and means of exchange.

In this respect it is akin to gold. Though it offers significant benefits as a platform for the decentralized applications that will form the basis for Web3, Ethereum does not offer the same simple solution that Bitcoin does for payments and saving.

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