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crypto wallet analysis

On-chain analytics is a field of study examining the fundamentals, utility, and transaction activity of cryptocurrency and blockchain data. The main goal of our competitive analysis of crypto wallets is to identify the strength and weaknesses of the competitors in their business. What Our Customers Say · "Nansen is my go-to tool for crypto analytics because it uniquely combines on-chain data with a rich wallet database. · "Nansen is. ETHEREUM HOW TO GET MORE PEERS

There are also various software applications that have improved everyday usabilities such as Electrum, Exodus, and Jaxx. The availability of features that allow cryptocurrency users to purchase and exchange cryptocurrency from the app is yet another growth driver. Social Listening For Positive Customer Perception Brand managers and marketers should look through the eyes of the customers to see how they experience brands in the real world.

Marketers are no more limited to just nice words and advertising — it has evolved into knowing customer perceptions. It is important to know how customers really feel about their brands and what are the drivers of brand loyalty. Customer perception plays a major role in buying behavior. Hence companies are going the extra mile to create a pleasant and happy customer experience. Companies are ready to spend money and effort to influence customer perception and drive profitable consumer behavior.

We, at Clootrack capture every experience that customers have with their brands. We analyze thousands of customer experiences to capture what people feel about a brand, and in turn derive priceless insights into products and competition. Clootrack went beyond just social platforms to track discussions — online forums, social media groups, internal data such as customer care tickets, chatbot extracts, emails, and any other internal maintained forums.

And all this is to understand customer perception — what your customers and prospects think of your brand — to analyze the perception drivers for cryptocurrency wallets. Here we explore the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency wallets and the top customer perception drivers, delight drivers, and brand equity. Top 5 Customer Perception Drivers Perception is an awareness or an understanding of a particular thing.

Customer perception plays a vital role in consumer behavior thereby affecting the demand for a product. Hence it becomes key for a manufacturer to understand the attitude that influences consumer behavior. A manufacturer must understand the likes and dislikes of his customers to be successful in developing a brand strategy. Through a detailed analysis of 6, online consumer conversations, Clootrack has listed down the top 5 perception drivers that buyers consider while buying a cryptocurrency wallet.

Below are the top 5 factors that consumers consider while buying a cryptocurrency. Secure wallet The need of a secure cryptocurrency wallet is on top of the must haves for the consumers of cryptocurrency wallets. It should be designed to avoid the possibility of stolen private keys. The makers of cryptocurrency wallets should for example set the function of face recognition or SMS confirmation when users operate to access the core files.

Makers should ensure that the software installation package is secure and cannot be decomposed and cracked into illegal operation. Consumers should be provided with cold wallets to store private keys in fully offline devices, which is a safer method than hot wallets. The makers should also offer decentralized wallets where users can store their private keys locally making it difficult for the wallet to be attacked.

Untangling blockchain data to understand the underlying activity is a mammoth task. Why use a blockchain analysis tool? According to coinmarketcap. Blockchain analysis tools are sophisticated platforms that help analysts connect actors and transactions to real-world identities, usually to understand suspicious activity.

Governments, banks, virtual asset service providers like cryptocurrency exchanges need a way to uncover the people behind the alphanumeric strings. You can read more about who needs to analyze on-chain activity, and why, here. The three steps of blockchain analysis Before meaningful analysis can happen, analysts need to understand the entities and transactions in their data. This generally happens in three phases.

The first is address classification. This aims to connect pseudonymous blockchain addresses to real-world entities. Raw blockchain data is enriched with information from other sources, like web scraping or dust attacks, and algorithmically clustered to group addresses most likely to be associated with a single controlling entity.

Next, transaction risk scoring assesses the connections between the entities. It uses machine learning to assess each individual transaction on the blockchain and assign it a risk score, based on factors like origin, wallet history and money flow. The third step is investigation. Here, analysts use sophisticated visual tools to dig into their newly enriched data. This is where graph visualization plays a critical role.

Graph visualization for your blockchain analysis tool Blockchain data is big, fast, complex and full of connections. Investigating it requires specific graph visualization and visual timeline analysis capability. Integrated time and graph views The key to any blockchain data investigation is understanding what happened, when. Integrated together, the investigator sees the entities involved in each transaction and the order in which they happened.

Filtering in one view updates the other, so the investigator can explore activity in multiple dimensions simultaneously. Flexible filtering On an average day, the Bitcoin blockchain facilitates over , transactions, in blocks of around The data involved in blockchain analysis is big and grows quickly. There are many techniques for bringing big graph data down to a useful scale , but a key one is filtering. Investigators should be able to filter data based on any attribute they want, from transaction size, wallet ID, risk score or by time.

Filter by anything — in this case, a simple slider to see bitcoin transactions by size 3. Insightful layouts and smart node sizing Even a filtered blockchain dataset is likely to be huge. Automated layouts are another powerful way investigators can start to detangle big and complex blockchain data.

Some essentials are a powerful force-directed layout to display the full network, and a sequential view to detangle long strings of transactions.

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If the address is lost or compromised, then it is nearly impossible to recover the assets. This level of sophistication is why security — and privacy — are the top concerns for those investing in the world of digital assets. The most versatile and accessible form of crypto wallets are called hot wallets. These are the crypto wallets that are most ubiquitous across the general public, as the most popular hot wallets have UX more akin to mobile banking apps.

They are connected to the internet, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world that has a network connection. Hot wallets can take the form of apps on smartphones, currency exchanges, or web wallets. Cold wallets, on the other hand, are not downloadable and exist offline. They are not connected directly to the internet where they can be accessed by others remotely.

Cold wallets can take the form of a physical USB or a physical hard drive where the keys are kept apart from any digital network, until they are ready to be implemented and connected. Other types of cold wallets are desktop wallets and paper wallets. The desktop wallet is interesting for those that want to utilize the benefits of hot wallets — mainly easier access — but they do come with their own drawbacks.

Most desktop wallets require the user to download the entire blockchain for that wallet, which can take up hundreds of gigabytes. Additionally, malware can compromise desktops and laptops still. For traders that have sophisticated malware protection and consider themselves to be IT security gurus, then this will be an obvious choice. Paper wallets are a relatively new form of cold wallet, where the private key can be printed onto a piece of paper, either with the numerical code or a QR code that links to an individual wallet.

The main drawback of these is that they can be destroyed or misplaced, leaving the digital assets completely inaccessible. Hot wallets are inherently more susceptible to theft or forgotten passwords. Since hot wallets are connected to the internet, hackers can attack the wallet service provider, and move crypto private keys — and all of the digital assets stored there — into hacker wallets.

Cold wallets though have notoriously cumbersome UX, and the physical device can also be misplaced. Coinbase gets most of its popularity from its ease of use, with friendly UX that resembles most banking apps on mobile phones. Users can also easily connect their accounts to US banks, which is not easily done with other crypto wallets. One drawback that comes with being the most popular crypto wallet is that it becomes a target of nefarious hackers.

Gox experience in Coinbase is also used by many as it features a fully integrated exchange that allows you to buy and sell, and not simply store your private key and digital assets. It also supports staking with a minimum 1eGLD stake amount. Users can cash out Celo to fiat, gift card, or mobile top-up of partner shops. Trust wallet is renowned for being the native Wallet of Binance. If you are into DApps, you should know Trust wallet.

One of the key features of the Trust wallet is the DApps browser. Users can easily access the ever-expanding apps via Trust wallet. It also supports staking for selected tokens and NFT. Exodus is available on mobile and desktop and is also compatible with the hardware wallet, Trezor. Exodus also has a unique security feature.

It automatically locks your wallet after a selected period and advises you to use a password manager. Figure 5: Strength and weakness of Trust Wallet and Exodus Nexo is an exciting project that allows loans and repayment backed by cryptocurrencies.

Nexo even enables users to borrow against their NFTs! Nexo also has advanced security features and impressive insurance coverage. In addition, Nexo also launched a governance voting, allowing users to participate in their business decisions.

StormX is a popular Adtech application in the blockchain space. StormX allowed users to earn cashback rewards in crypto by completing microtasks. StormX is also targeting freelancing industries. They aim to solve the inefficiencies and excessive fees of freelancing platforms by using smart contracts.

Figure 6: Strength and weakness of Nexo and StormX User experience: High-level review of the crypto wallets experience We compare the UX of the crypto wallets and rate their user interface, navigation and guidance on a score of In general, most competitors have relatively simple interfaces and straightforward navigation. Exodus has a beautiful dark mode theme, but some users might find it difficult to read due to the low contrast ratio of colors.

Our analysis showed that there is still a lack of in-app guidance given to the users. The majority of the competitors do not provide proactive help when users first launch the app. Figure 7: High level user experience score for competitors Marketing platforms used by the competitors Twitter and Facebook are the most popular social media channels among all the competitors.

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