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india vs usa better place live

Both these places offer excellent job opportunities. They are sort of mirror images. Standard of education in both these countries is similar. Canada however. Experiencing a different culture, visiting new places, studying in a practical learning-based environment, and living a better lifestyle attract students. 13 countries that hit the sweet spot between cheap housing and good Although the US may be a more expensive place to live in than India. GOOD FOREX BROKER FOR NEWS TRADING CHART

It is delivered through Medicare. Health insurance coverage is the basic requirement for Medicare. Health care costs are also lower here. The Canadian healthcare system is more humane. Australia Australia features a robust healthcare system. However, many Australians prefer to take out private health insurance so that they can cover costs for dental and specialist care.

Canada offers free public schools to children of immigrants until the age of 16 or Australia Immigrants can choose to study in government schools or non-government schools in Australia. Government schools are mostly free for permanent residents and Australian citizens. Key Takeaway: Australia is a step ahead than Canada with a lower cost of education. Scope of Getting Citizenship Canada Citizenship is a possibility after you have physically lived for 3 years 1, days as a PR in Canada.

USA fail to convert a corner and India get a chance to counter as Neha gets to the ball outside the Indian penalty box. But all she does is, clear it towards the opposition half, where there is no Indian present. Its a corner kick and Kohler is in the penalty box.

She jumps highest and heads it for another goal! Another corner as the Gamero cuts in from the right flank and then surges into the opposition box. The defender blocks, and its a corner! The visitors have gained an early hold in this game as they launch attack after attack! The Indian defending is poor, but they the bodies to sit deep in the penalty box. A cross comes in from the right flank and Rebimbas volleys it to the bottom-left corner!

The defending was poor here as the left-back simply let the winger dribble into the penalty box and Remimbas was given an open volley! USA are spraying the ball around and trying to set some tempo in this game. The Indian team is sitting deep with eight players in the penalty box, whenever there is an attack from the visitors.

Testing minutes for India! Its kick-off and India begin the game! They fail to maintain possession and the ball goes for a USA goal-kick! The visitors could see a lot of the ball tonight! India will need to sit deep! Both teams are done with their respective national anthems! Both teams are in the field for their respective pre-kick off formalities!

Serto is India's best bet for scoring goals in this year's World Cup. She scored five goals, including a hat-trick vs Nepal. She also won the tournament golden boot. It is worth noting that she is a Cristiano Ronaldo fan and is from Manipur!

India captain Oraon will be her side's inspiration due to her versatility. She can play as a full-back and also attack as a defensive midfielder. She caught the limelight during the Junior National Football Championship in , where she played as a playmaker. She scored five goals in six games for Jharkhand, who lost to Himachal Pradesh in the final.

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Life in India vs Life in America

For between a rock and a hard place meaning opinion you


As usual, Salima Tete was a live wire from the right flank, creating chances for her side with her defence-splitting runs. The Americans secured their second penalty corner in the 11th minute but wasted the chance. USA once again started positively after the quarter break but the Indians drew in confidence as the match progressed.

India secured their first penalty corner in the 23rd minute but failed to execute the set piece. The Indians kept on attacking thereafter and earned two more penalty corners but the end result was the same as both the teams failed to break the deadlock at half time. The Indians had numerous chances in the last two quarters and scored three goals in a span of four minutes to seal the match.

First, Vandana scored an open goal from a build up from the right flank and then seconds later, Sonika found the USA net from a goalmouth melee from another attack from the right. India skipper Savita soon made a double save to deny the Americans from a penalty corner. Young Sangita too registered her name in the scoresheet with a fabulous field goal in the 57th minute.

The last chance of the match fell before USA in the form of another penalty corner but they wasted it. Two minutes later, India also won their first Penalty Corner of the match, but Gurjit missed out on converting the opportunity, thus ending the quarter at a stalemate. The Indian team showcased their attacking intent immediately at the start of the second quarter and had a chance to break the deadlock, but the USA defence kept the ball away from the goal.

Medical insurance is expensive. High end surgeries and treatment are cheap in India. Indian family culture and value system — India wins this one hands down. In US, society is very formal. You may say Hi to a guy on elevator for 10yrs and still know nothing about him. In India the support system is very strong. Your kid is taken care of even if both you and your spouse work.

After you get old, whatever money you may have, but you can not buy the affection and care of your blood relations. You can only get that by relationship building. Make that investment when you are young. You WILL need help to even do small household chores when you are old. If your kids grow up in US, they will adopt US culture. As Prasad said, you will be lonely when you get old. US is not growing. I do not see a difference in a New York 5yrs back and now.

But you see big difference in Gurgaon. The salaries have not increased in US in last 10yrs. In India it has gone up significantly. There are always jobs in India, in US it is not so. Higher education: It is better in US.

Thats why we are here is not it? But this is changing slowly. Universities in India have started investing more in research and eminent profs are coming back. Though the number is still very low. I have a point of view here. Things have changed in last few years. You do not need a Dronacharya to become an Arjuna these days.

If you know how to use google and internet, its all you need for knowledge. The reason why I am on this blog is the perception. Thats the slave attitude the british have left us with. That is the reason probably, why people become so obsessed with US lifestyle.

The white skin effect. So it is strategic to have a US education if possible. What About Money and Savings Now lets talk money. Be it US, India or anywhere in this world. Financially stable means you have comfortable life but you have to work for that everyday. Financially independent means you still live a comfortable lifestyle even if you do not work i. To really make a difference and break the barrier becoming financially independent , you gotta think business.

There are few things I disagree and lot of things to which I agree. Medical Expenses Medical facilities are better, but very expensive. Indian its cheap. Here is my view. To get quality care in India, you need to pay. If both parents are working, then they have to let the new-born in day care when mom starts working. Its Indian Culture or Tradition to have their parents come to help when new baby is born.

We had our son and our parents came here to help. Our American Neighbor had baby around the same time, their parents came couple of day after baby was born, they were here only for couple of days. You can max out your k and IRA.

In addition, if you are a home owner, you get Mortgage Interest payments as tax deductions. If Both parents are working, then chile care expenses are deductible. Now very many people understand the difference. Unfortunately in India, parents want their kids to go to Medical School or Engineering.

For anyone who wants to be Financially Independent, even in USA, working for an employer is not going to get you there, unless you are in Top Management position with Millions in Bonus. If both husband and wife works high paying jobs , to , then you can expect to save 1 Million Dollars when you retire. It takes long time to save money, paydonw your home loan and thinks several times before buying any product. If you are really serious about being financially Independent, you need to change your mindset first.

You are trained all your life to get a job and lead a safe life. Risk takings is not part of course work. Even i you have a simple idea, it could change the world. Trust me, it will change your thinking. You do not have the right to comment on what India is or would be until and unless you have not made any contribution to its betterment.

You buggers are a parasite. You have imbibed all there essential education, right from nursery to engineering, in this mother country and then you fart on her face by pursuing your higher education abroad and settle out there. Doing a part time job while studying here is considered a sin and of low esteem, but you buggers readily lick the asses of americans there by doing all odd jobs for some bucks more!!

It is because of you buggers is that this country is still poor! If someone is not matured enough to understand and learn how world is different place, there is nothing I can do about that. What bloody work you had to come to this blog. Why the heck have you subscribed to HSB if you love India so much, and you are being so over-patriotic?

All the guys who posted negative comments or anti-HSB comments are dreaming of US either work or study or work for some time and return. Guys, grow up. Be sensible. There is nothing wrong to learn from other country. Be it USA or France or whatever. There is no shame in admitting that India is a developing country. All those guys who posted negative comments have serious EGO problem. They refuse to accept ground realities.

Moreover, its not a debate about about which country is greater. Its about experiencing the difference.

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Should I Leave India or Stay Back - Sadhguru india vs usa better place live

The visitors started strongly right from the get-go and got their first goal in the ninth-minute as Melina Rebimbas volleyed past goalkeeper Anjali Munda.

Crypto cfd While some will relocate within the US, others may consider a move to another country entirely. But India also want a consolation goal! The pleasant work of writing and photography, the will power-consuming work of exercise, and the unwanted children of cleaning, cooking, organising, and folding, seemed to eat into all the free time I had. Both the captain and goalkeeper could here probably done better there. Key Takeaway: Eventually, you have more hours to spend with your loved ones in Australia than in Canada.
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