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crypto vent gang meme song

Now it also has a rap song. Oakland, Calif., recording about to implicate the gang in a vent damage to the electricity. explanation of blockchains, cryptocurrency and smart contracts Given the reputation of avant-garde music practitioners to embrace. kawaii aesthetic comic avatar last airbender ocean eevee pastel pink shoujo tumblr cowboy bebop creature earth fight wave kaiju meme nature parks gengar. SPECIAL BTC COURSE

Don't Taze Me Bro! If your noise meter stays at max for more than 15 seconds, he will jumpscare you and tell you how annoying you are. If he gets in, he'll raise your noise meter by a lot, and force you to listen to the whole stroy. If Shia is there, he joins in in saying "Do It! To keep him away from the office, you will have to use Yoda decoys to distract him.

Noob: He acts like bonnie in FNaF 1, but when he gets in your office, he air horns you. Increasing the noise meter. Last noise idea Noob2: Like noob but he kills you Spaghet Bear Thing: He wanders arround the facility trying to find who took his spaghet, which is on your desk. When he gets close to your office close the door to prevent him from seeing his spaghet. If he happens to see his spaghet he will bleach out your ears and will continue to do so until the end of the night, increasing your noise meter.

Gru: Gru will start in the plan room with robbie rotten, and you'll need to put his signs back from time to time: if you fail to do this gru will go for your vent, however, because he's to t h i c c he gets stuck. He will slowly make his way into your office trying to act human by drinking water and eating bread.

If he gets close to your door he will say "New face filters for snap chat, good job team" making the animatronics eager and more agressive for filters. If he does get into your office he will sell your data on the dark web giving some anitronics a tactical advantage.

Killer keem: He will see anything bad happening to you, then he will rush to tell everyone and then kill you. Snoop Dog: He will get in your office trough the vents. If you let him in, he'll smoke some dank weed, slowly blocking your screen with the dank atmosphere. He will not leave unless another meme Like Leeroy Jenkins enters the office.

To send Snoop Dog away, just close the vent doors when you see him peeking He makes no sound moving trough the vents but he will start playing "Where the hood at" when he is close, so pay attention. Barny: He may sound friendly-but this is not the normal barny. This is the Interactive Barny Chadtronic threw into the radiation room.

If it gets out it will drag itself to your room, raising the noise meter slowly with a friendly song. Make sure an episode of Barny is always playing by switching tapes every hour via the options panel. If he leaves the radiation room he won't go back Telletubby's: If Pyrocynical manages to upload shrek has swag 5, the Tellatubby's will activate and split into groups, two will head to your left door, simply close the door on them to stop them.

The other two will head to the recording room to murder pyrocynical for not giving "MLG Tellatubby's a sequel". To stop them, use the comment option to comment on pyro's most recent video warning him you can't tweet him as his twitter was suspended Pyro will shut the recording door this will stop his and Jontrons movement until they open the door again.

Failure to do so will result in pyro's death. Which replaces the characters with crappy CGI. If he finishes, he will aggravate the other characters. If he gets to the office, you'll have to try and buy back your stuff using the cryptocurrency you've hopefully been mining in case of EA. If not, your office will be covered in Disney merch, and the defenses will be half as effective until you can buy them back.

If EA and Mickey both reach your room at the same time, they'll have a bidding war for your stuff, and no matter who wins, the price of buying back your stuff will be doubled. High Ground Obi-Wan: Will senselessly scream and cry if he gets into your office, raising your noise meter. Something about Open your monitor to get rid of him. The Legend The Legend He will approach with a warning. The only way to get fend him off is to buy the premuim pack in game of war to battle him.

If he buys your data from Zuccerborg he will roast you constantly giving him the edge. Breadbear: Will come to your office to take the flesh of a virgin. Elon Musk: He is on a streak of sending random things into space, he now wants to send your pizzeria up into the atomsphere.

He will make his way around the pizzeria installing thrusters in all corners of the building. When he is building his rockets your power will drain rapidly. You can give him a controlled shock to delay him. If Mark Zuccerborg sells your data, Elon Musk will threaten to dronestrike your house if you shock him.

Toby Fox: Stays in the office hiding from the fandom. When the fandom comes into the room you have to keep him quite or the fandom will attack both of you. Splatim: He will randomly turn the animatronics into bootlegs, making them more agressive EA: If they make it into your room, you'll have to start mining for Bitcoin in order to buy back your defenses. To keep them away, you have to play Star Wars music in the hallways, so they think they can keep milking Star Wars.

Dabbing Chica: Will dab her way across the location, and she's a professional dabber so that means she'll go fast around the location. If she appears in your right door's blind spot dabbing, don't try and shut the door as she will just dab her way through the door. Instead you must call the haters using the haters button that will appear on the screen when dabbing chica is in the blind spot, which will call the haters to dab back onto dabbing chica ending with her admitting defeat and resetting to her starting position.

You have the option to either help her or give her away. Smike: Will occasionally list a fact about the cupcake. Weeb: You must play anime theme songs around the location to keep it busy. If it it comes to your door, place the anime body pillow on the opposite door. Gay Bowser: He appears at your office at random when closing your tablet, type "solonggaybowser" to make him go away throught one of the doors.

The animatronics who are on that door will also be thrown away, and will only be able to return after half an in-game hour Gay Luigi: He stays in your office at your right, usually deactivated. If he activates, however, it means that he's hungry.

Look at the cameras for lotsa spaghetti, if you don't find it in time, Gay Luigi will kill you. Remember that the spaghet bear can steal the lotsa spaghetti if you aren't fast enough. If you choose the wrong answer, you will get your face covered in ink for some seconds, preventing you from seeing anything.

If you are too slow, the cameras will be blocked for some seconds. Stormtrooper: He will come into your office and try to jumpscare you. Since he is so bad at hitting his targets he will try to do it multiple times. If you taze him he will go away. If Shelia Buff is in there he will be inspired and can get you first try. Open both doors, or else when he yells "FUS RO DAH" he'll destroy both doors, the animatronics who are in the doors will be trown 33km away, and will only be able to return after 1 in game hour.

Vault boy: Vault Boy begins in the "Underground" area of the pizzeria. He'll begin to be active at Night 2 and will begin reaching the surface, you can hear him climbing the ladder to get out, so pay attention to his audio cues. The Underground where Vault Boy lives is right under your office.

To scare Vault Boy away, you have to play the sound of a nuke bomb falling down, he'll go back to his Vault to stay safe. However, using this sound will MAX out your noise meter temporarily, making other memes rush to your office more often. If Vault Boy gets out of his Vault and onto your Office, Vault boy will pull you down to the underground and keep you there forever, you become "lost", nobody could find you because nobody knows about the Underground area, so you technically "Die".

Doom Guy: There's an HP bar on the top right of your monitor, if this HP bar starts depleting, it means that doom guy is in trouble. Change to doom mode by clicking the "DOOM" button at the top right, grab the shotgun and start killing whatever was attacking him, unless it's Chuck Norris, in that case Yep, give up.

His HP regenerates naturally, and regenerates faster the lower your noise meter is. Sometimes a pony may spawn in a camera. If a pony spawns in a camera, use the audio lure to lure the bronys away and keep luring them until the pony despawns. If the bronys find the pony, they'll turn into cosplay bronys and then go into your office, and you can't make they go back to normal, the only way to stop them is if another pony spawns in another camera, distracting them for a while, the pony spawn is purely luck based.

Reacters: They'll sit in the recording room, watching you from a camera, and reacting to everything you do. Once they have enough footage which'll be indicated by a bar on the recording room camera , they'll try and upload their reactions. If they do, the upload will momentarily slow down the wifi. And if Pyro is uploading, you better kiss your internet service goodbye. The only way to stop them from uploading is to hack into their computers from the options pannel, and delete the video.

Sam Pepper: Sam pepper is currently recording his "Shut off the power prank". He'll start making is way to the generator from the reactors room, Shock him to keep him away. If Mark sells him your data he has a chance of sliping past the shockers Toaster Mario: Will literally throw a toaster at your closed door, breaking it temporarily.

Dab: It will sneak up on you to kill you. You must close all the doors to keep at away. Edgy Circus Baby: Baby is currently in her emo phase, and will always stay in her room listening to an emo band. She will only ever come out of her room if her edgy music stops playing, which in that case you must restart the music. This will raise your noise meter quite a lot because she will scream it at the top of her lungs. Half life 3: The game will open on a monitor in your office.

Turn it off asap to stop the news from spreading. Chuck Norris: The entire reason this is hard. He'll kill you whenever he feels like it. Tourettes guy: He will call you on his phone and rage about a Colgate toothpaste. You will have to hear the WHOLE thing, and after that, he will rush your office from the right door, and if he manages to enter, he will kill you. Close the right door to stop him, if you didn't hear his call, then the door won't stop him. Dat Boi: Rides into your office on occasion, blasting the Dat Boi theme song.

This increases your noise meter heavily. Dead Memes: You begin to hallucinate images of dead memes. It will start to clutter your screen. Taze yourself to get rid of the hallucinations, you will be paralyzed for 1. Knuckles" appear in your office. They will begin moving slowly from room to room untill they reach your office.

When B. You may think this is a strategic advantage, but do notice that once B. Spingebill: Sometimes, while looking on the cameras, he will appear and stare at you. The lower your noise meter is, the faster he will stop staring at you. If your noise meter is maxed out, he will never leave. Jacksepticeye: He'll wiplash your cameras at random and begin to shout his intro, you must go into your office and click a sign saying "Jack is worst Papyrus", it will then go into the cameras where you must keep on clicking it until it's in the same room as the undertale fandom, causing them to hate and then proceed to spam comments on Jacks videos saying that he has the best papyrus voice.

Jack will then be forced to check every single comment preventing him from coming to kill you. The Haters: they will randomly block your door, this will stop everyone exept sainic. When he stops talking, close the door that corresponds to his position If he's on the right of the Parts room, he'll go to the right door, but if he's on the left, he'll go to the left door. If you don't close the door, he'll enter you room, and get shot in the knee with another arrow.

If this happens, you will also be shot with an arrow, but not necessarily in the knee. If you fail to close the door, he'll end your run with a memescare. Sonichu: Works just like sanic, but instead of killing you, he will shock you, stunning you for 3 seconds. JonTron: check the recording room him and pyrocynical are both in there. Knuckles: Will show his bruddas da wae into your office. They will continuously ask if you knoe de wae, heavily increasing your noise meter. Cod Fanboys: the Fanboys will enter your office through the left door.

Except you can stop them. To avoid them, you have to pull out your hunting rifle to warn them to not mess with you, remember to be quick, the kids can run from the attic to your office in less than 3 seconds.

Failing to pull out your gun will result into the kids shooting you with their illegal weapons, ending your run. Ricegum: acting too quickly will make Ricegum make a video on you as he thinks your trying to make fun of him his fans will begin to tweet the video at you, cloging up your options panel Evil Morty theme: it will play when Evil Morty is about to kill you, go to a random camera and spam the "morty" button wich plays an audio of Rick saying "morty" this will make he think Rick is on that camera and then he'll leave.

Furrys: Will yiff the animatronics, making them angry, they take out their anger on you. You have been given admin powers, and have to delete the creepypastas before they can kill you in real life. Exe will all try to kill you until you delet their creppypasta files.

Each pasta has their own power. Jeff comes to your office like normal, slenderman will teleport to your office, because you have his pages, Sonic will appear first as a plush toy that you have to flash before it turns into its. With live performances back like they never left, and plenty of new albums dropping each week, the game's stars have returned, and the up-and-coming acts are also delivering.

Throughout , there were a lot of songs to sort through, so XXL highlights of the best hip-hop songs that dropped this year, in no particular order, to put you on game. This was a huge year for street rap from some newer names that reside all over the country. He's a clever Memphis rapper who came up alongside his close friend, Pooh Shiesty. Big30 sounds comfortable next to any fellow rhymer, and that rings true on his song "Too Official," with aforementioned local legend Yo Gotti.

Then, all the way across the map in San Pedro, Calif. His off-center sense of humor and lyrical strength earned him millions of views quickly, and his song "Book Bag" featuring fellow Californians BlueBucksClan is one of his standouts.

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